Kalon ur Vamm

Transmit lullabies and nursery rhymes to allow babies to be bathed in the musicality of the Breton language by a mother's voice: Kalon ur Vamm, "The Heart of a Mother".
 The two albums "Kalon ur Vamm" (dist. CoopBreizh) have been unanimously hailed by the press and the public as a brilliant success and many children have fallen asleep to the sound of these soothing songs. The musical arrangements form a modern setting for these melodies chiseled by time.
  "Decidedly, Yves Ribis has more than one string to his guitar and the paths he takes are protected by the good fairies of Breton music... For the pleasure of the big ones... and the small ones. Let's hope that he finds the time, between two underwater fishing trips, to concoct for us with his inspired tribe, many other volumes of Kalon ur Vamm, so much the material seems to be dense and almost inexhaustible.

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