Felix Dumeril

In 2005, Felix Dumeril, choreographer of the Bern Ballet, invites Yves Ribis and Arz Nevez on the stage of the Stadttheatre of Bern, the show will be on display from January to March... This experience will mark, with "Fest Noz", the beginning of their collaboration...
This complicity continued in 2012 with "Tour d'horizon" the new ballet by Felix Duméril & Misato InoueA choreography about loneliness, our way of perceiving the world, imagination, and finally about creativity.
A piece tossed by waves of melancholy but also crossed by the sharp wind of humor, where reality alternates with the marvelous and the bizarre... A rough piece that smells of seaweed and cider, where the sun plays with the storm, where man is divided between fear and love of the sea. In Tour d'horizon, Brittany, the choreographer's and composer's roots, is more than ever in the background, a land of inspiration and poetry.
A new ballet by Felix Dumeril & T4 2 dance projects
Choreography: Felix Duméril / Misato Inoue
4 dancers, 4 musicians, 1 photographer, 1 videographer, Music: Yves Ribis

Premiere at the Dampfzentrale in BERN on February 25th 2012 followed by a tour in Switzerland, England, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Japan, Canada ....

Pop Up
A new proposal by Felix Dumeril and Misato Inoue created in 2020

A surreal world made of three-dimensional pop-up cardboard unfolds on stage like a large, ever-changing entity that is continually expanding. In this mobile labyrinth evolve characters who all try, in their own way, to adapt to a constantly changing situation. To do so, they use masks that symbolize roles and states of mind. The new production is a parable of the present time, a critical and self-critical look at modern life.

Listen "the last butterfly"

POPuP is a continuation of T42dance's previous work. It is their passionate search for the reasons that drive us as human beings, as a society. The desire to get lost and to make detours. To confront the strange and the unconventional. To fall on one's nose with curiosity, playful lightness and a smile, to get up again like a pop up.

Duration 60 - 70 min

Choreography : Misato Inoue & Félix Duméril in collaboration with the performers*.
Music / composition : Yves Ribis (F)
Dance / Performers : Misato Inoue, Félix Duméril, Koto Aoki, Norikazu Aoki (JP) & Mark Down (UK)
Object Theater / Actor : Mark Down (UK)
Lighting : Michael Mannion (UK)
Theater set: Jann Messerli
Coach: Izumi Shuto (JP/CH)
Photography: Christian Glaus
Technical: Lola Rosarot

Production manager: Thomas Péronnet


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