Deomp höll d'al liorzh an olived

Arrangement written in 2012 for the ensemble "Kerham".
I found this theme in a collection of hymns from Finistère dating from the early nineteenth, under the name of "Deomp holl an liorzh an olived" ("Allons au jardin des oliviers")
This piece is actually taken from a work attributed to the Italian composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736) also known as
What am I the fern.

              Kerham set
Interpretes :
Chant : Rozenn Talec, violon :Youenn Lorec, Chris De Villiers, alto : Raphael Chevalier, Violoncelle: Maud Caron, Flute : Mathieu Serot, Hautbois: Christian Moreau, clarinette: Thierry Besnard, Harpe celtique: Elsa Ribis

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